Sharing the Benefits of a Drucker MBA and the Drucker Difference

At one of the annual Drucker Day forums at Claremont Graduate University, I describe the benefits of enrolling at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University within the world-renowned Claremont Colleges:  

“Coming from this school, every aspect of my daily operation is focused on Drucker. My entire life was transformed by this method of thinking. The business that I’m associated with is really founded on Drucker principles. When we come across problems, we’re using classic Drucker methodologies (which would be looking at unexpected success as unexpected failures, trying to identify things that have already happened that have yet to have full impact, and looking for transitions in trends instead of focusing on trends themselves). By looking, for example, at unexpected successes or unexpected failures, we have the ability to see that some basic assumptions that we may have been operating on are no longer relevant.”

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