Market, Corporate, & Product Development for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, & Executives


Your Concerns

Consider Central IQ if your company’s financial and competitive performance is limited by:

  • Difficulty retaining customers, growing key accounts, and securing new business;
  • Inadequate alignment between urgent priorities of premium customers and your current solutions; or
  • Failure of existing operations and offerings to keep up with rising customer expectations.


Our Solutions

We measurably improve your company’s performance by:

  • Identifying the challenges that cause customers and prospects such intense pain that they aggressively seek new solutions—and would pay a premium to get the right results;
  • Enhancing your solutions to generate unprecedented improvements in your customers’ financial and competitive performance; and
  • Refining your operations to support remarkably fair pricing and exceptional levels of customer satisfaction—all while optimizing your company’s return-on-investment (ROI).


What You Get

Our team helps you attain:

  • Revenue growth, resulting from a superior understanding of the marketplace, plus value-based and market-tested sales and delivery methodologies;
  • Higher-value customers, resulting from a market-validated solution roadmap, plus hands-on support with solution enhancements; and
  • Improved earnings, resulting from an improved and internally vetted operating plan, plus hands-on support with business process reengineering (BPR).


How You Benefit

You get the improved performance you need in today’s challenging economy:

  • Revenue development models, tools, and support services that quickly increase sales, build brand awareness, and improve your return on SG&A expenditures;
  • Critical insight on which markets, solutions, and relationships to get into (or out of) to increase earnings and competitiveness; and
  • Corporate audits, forecasts, and strategies that optimize resource allocation decisions and enhance business processes, margins, and returns now and for years to come.

Performance-Driving Insights and Initiatives

Capitalize on Industry Disruptions

Central IQ helps results-minded decision makers in mission-driven organizations to characterize, quantify, and capture revenue, earnings growth, and competitive opportunities in lucrative and fast-growing convergence markets, where disruptive technologies, industries, or events impact the health, education, and social-service sectors—changing the rules of engagement, delivering dramatically improved performance, and generating substantial socioeconomic gains for communities served. 

We are ideal partners for highly demanding business leaders who are comfortable taking intelligent and calculated risks to secure upside potential, and who have far-reaching aspirations or growing concerns around...

  • sales revenues, operating margins, and earnings; 

  • mission-critical projects and initiatives; and/or 

  • brand equity and competitiveness.

Focus on the Industry's Most Compelling Needs

Our services improve sales, operating efficiencies, and the bottomline by enhancing the alignment between our clients’ resource-allocation decisions and the market’s most compelling needs. 

With more purposeful and effective action, our clients' performance surges, resulting in earnings jumpstarts and turnarounds. 

This approach has the added benefit of compressing the time to favorable equity and liquidity events, when those are on the horizon (e.g., capital allocations and infusions, earnings growth, share price improvements, share buybacks, stock splits, spinoffs, and M&A events)... and supporting the socioeconomic development of constituents.

Leverage "Convergence Markets" to Lead the Field

Our specialty is helping our pioneering clients to capitalize on the lucrative and fast-growing revenue, earnings growth, and competitive opportunities where markets collide. These convergence markets are highly disruptive. They dramatically shift what end-users want. And they create a solid foothold from which our clients can preempt competitors and gain ground as market-leaders. With a deeper understanding of these points-of-convergence and how to benefit from them, our clients are able to leverage market trends and resources that competitors overlook or undervalue—ultimately changing the rules of the game.

Empower Your Team

Our support is always results-driving, and it ranges from hands-on to analytical. 

For example, some decision makers prefer on-site, hands-on working sessions, where we quickly 

  • compile “tribal knowledge” from opinion-leaders and subject-matter experts, 

  • derive critical insight to support better decision-making, and 

  • get work teams rallied around the MUST DOs.  

Other decision makers want more analytical help, such as executive-ready reports generated off-site, that help them...

  • target and troubleshoot, 

  • plan and forecast, or 

  • scale up and outperform.

Industry Analysis Services


  1. Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT Analyses
  2. Value Chain and Supply Chain Maps
  3. Product, Service, and Solution Characterizations 

Strategic Planning Services


  1. Situation Troubleshooting and Scenario Analyses
  2. Financial Analyses and Forecasts (NPV/ROI)
  3. Strategic Plans, Business Plans, and Operating Plans

Business Development Services


  1. Value-Proposition Design and Testing
  2. Pilot Program and Case Study Development
  3. Revenue Jumpstart and Scaleup Initiatives 

Create New Solution Categories and Become a Preemptive Market Leader

Understanding your company’s unique circumstances, capabilities, and market opportunities, we can...

  • Assess your organization’s positioning, competencies, and solutions in relation to pressing market needs;

  • Align your strategies with key success drivers in the marketplace to help increase demand for your offerings;

  • Adapt your policies, structures, systems, processes, procedures, standards, and practices to better serve the market;

  • Add Value through market-leading demonstration projects, to help you achieve proof-of-concept;

  • Advocate, through value-based selling, the superior benefits your solutions provide;

  • Augment your capabilities, enhancing your performance with enabling technologies, training, and talent; and

  • Accelerate your revenue growth, while optimizing resource-allocation decisions, to improve earnings.