Research, Analyses, and Roadmaps for Industries, Markets, and Products


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Count on Central IQ to help you with industry analyses and characterize….

  • socio-demographic, economic, political, technological and industrial developments and their implications for targeted markets and planned company operations;
  • obstacles to success related to critical market trends and competitive initiatives;
  • power, authority and agendas of advocates and adversaries; and
  • key success factors for strategy formulation, market entry and early-stage operations.

Count on Central IQ to help you with market analyses and characterize:

  • industrial and market developments and their implications for product/service development, launch and management;
  • business development priorities based on customer readiness, willingness and ability to buy, as well as specific desires/preferences;
  • key obstacles to securing profitability, market share and competitive advantage;
  • objectives, strategies and actions of key market players; and
  • key success factors for strategy implementation.

Count on Central IQ to help you design, development, and deploy next-generation products, services, and solutions by:

  • confirming your differential competencies;
  • validating where you can create a defensible and sustainable competitive advantage;
  • identifying an industry, market, and customer base with extreme pain points, needs, and aspirations relevant to your capabilities;
  • targeting three roles that would be ready, willing, and able to purchase your offering (and that have the budget, authority, need, and time-pressure to buy what you offer at the premium price you deserve);
  • identifying a primary, secondary,
    describing noteworthy pain points, needs, and aspirations that will cause leads to become prospects and prospects to become customers;
  • mapping out the specific steps you will take to accelerate the patient journey and create movement through your sales pipeline;
  • defining essential digital marketing assets and digital marketing campaigns; and
  • developing SMART and PACT objectives from the perspective of your customers, their customers, your organization, the communities you serve, and society overall.

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