Corporate Purpose Toolkit & Instructions


Download a Corporate Purpose Toolkit that will help you (1) craft your social-benefit enterprise’s mission, vision, and objectives; (2) improve your revenues, operating efficiencies, and earnings growth; and (3) master Deep Strategy™ methods that enable you to outperform the competition and better serve clients while remaining unashamedly ethical.



Explore a refreshingly principled and practical Deep Strategy™ workbook that has been optimized for unapologetically ethical enterprises committed to the greater good—and for social-benefit pioneers who understand the need to address both margin and mission.

Leverage this Deep Strategy™ workbook so your mission, vision, and objectives…

  1. reflect your corporate culture, core competencies, and corporate brand;
  2. enhance your revenues, operating efficiencies, and earnings growth;
  3. support your risk mitigation, competitiveness, and scalability;
  4. improve your scalability, speed to favorable liquidity events, and investor metrics;
  5. provide a powerful moral, ethical, and practical framework for your enterprise so you and your team members feel more enlightened, empowered, and effective than you have ever felt before;
  6. lead to ever-more-enriching relationships with your key stakeholders; and
  7. align the interests of strategic allies, contribute to a better-functioning society, and promote human flourishing.

Enjoy Central IQ’s Deep Strategy™ guarantee:

  • If our Deep Strategy™ thinking, techniques, and tools don’t leave you feeling more credible, commanding, and competent than you’ve felt in years—just let us know.
  • We’ll either graciously refund your money in full or—if you prefer—invest our time, talent, and treasure until you do feel that way.
  • And we’ll happily work with you to ensure your top line, business efficiencies, and bottom line are gaining momentum at a pace you’ll appreciate.