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Plain Language Consulting Services

Count on the health literacy, plain language, and cultural competence (HL/PL/CC) experts at the Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) for plain language assessments, advice, and action plans.

We review your company, competencies, and content (print, digital, and audiovisual) to ensure they reflect good health literacy practices (GHLPs), plain language communications, and cultural competence…and will lead to improved program, provider, and product performance, outcomes, and impacts.

We can review the following:

  • Strategies, Policies, and Structures
  • Branding, Style Guides, and Marketing Communications
  • Corporate Descriptions, Collateral, and Content
  • Department Descriptions, Collateral, and Content
  • Product, Service, and Solution Descriptions, Collateral, and Content
  • Customer Service, Clinical Support, and/or Technical Support Content

We can deliver the following in relation to your health literacy, plain language, and cultural competence (HL/PL/CC) programs:

  • SWOT Analysis (with a list of strategic insights, implications, and imperatives)
  • Program Charter
  • Transformation Plan

Third, we develop detailed Statements of Work to support you in essential health literacy, plain language, and cultural competence (HL/PL/CC) practices.


Non-Medical Plain Language Consulting:

  • $375/hour

Medical Plain Language Consulting

  • $995/hour

What To Budget

To ensure your budget covers critical expenses and the possibility of changes in project scope and direction, please set aside a reserve of 35% over the basic project fee:

  • An extra 25% for critical expenses
  • An extra 10% for changes in project scope and direction

That is, budget 135% of the basic project fee. That way, you have all the funding you need to ask for extras along the way.

Contact us today c/o Andrew Pong at +1 800-434-4633 x 207 or [email protected]